Denise V Collins
Location Scout & Manager


Denise V Collins is a full time, award-winning, freelance Location Scout & Manager in the film and media industry.

Specializing in the Lake Tahoe, Northern California & Nevada and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range for the past 20 years and now worldwide. 


Over 30 years of experience in film and entertainment makes her a vital, and varied, member of design teams for film, television, commercials, music videos and still photography. Denise’s primary, but not only, job is to find the settings that best represent the visual concept of the Photographer, Producer, Director and Production Designer.


With an eye for design and concept, her tool-set can be crucial for providing input and most importantly results. Through her research, scouting and photography she has successfully assisted companies all over the world.


Denise’s creative dimension and advanced level of visual and aesthetic sophistication with a blend of intuition and knowledge enable her to determine which settings best advance and enhance story and character development. She has vast experience in most departments associated with film, including, but not limited to, producing, set dressing, props, wardrobe, casting, etc.